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Iterative learning through failure

yourself to Better yourself

and future

Hi, I'm
Ethan Lobdell

Founder & of Resilient By Design

We make 1000's of decisions every day and while most of those are low consequence decisions, there are some decisions that require a deliberate process to ensure you have the best chance of a successful outcome.

1,000's of people have TRUSTED me to guide them towards successful outcomes. People of all ages use my frameworks and tools to be more successful at their jobs, in their home, with their friends. Tfind freedom amidst a the noise, chaos, and uncertainty of life is hard. I can help.

You will learn to use deliberate decision tactics and apply them to build your business, your career, and your freedom.

Being resilient in the face of uncertainty is incredibly difficult. Trust me. I know. Navigating life and death decisions, leading organizations through global pandemics, and simply growing older requires resilience.

We all want the to be STRONG & DURABLE in the face of adversity. But the definition of strength, confidence, and durability seems to shift on us daily. There are many choices of who to TRUST to help guide you and your organization through difficult decisions.


I need to earn your trust with every post and every interaction we have. Not an easy task in a few characters or a couple minutes of your fleeting attention.

But I need to try. Because I think having power over your decisions will help you better use your time and your money to to lead a life with greater freedom.

So... to start, I should share a little bit about me, in case you are interested.

Ethan rope rescue.jpg

From robot geek to Search and Rescue professional

I started this website because I wanted to help people be better. Over the last decade, I've spent 1000's of hours mitigating objective avalanche risk, managing biased group think, and learning how to not just survive some of the most extreme landscapes in the country but perhaps more importantly, how to thrive in them. I've learned to guide businesses through a global pandemic and balance the needs of passionate entrepreneurs.

Most people, probably not you, think resilience means being hard as a rock. Rocks are certainly hard but people aren't rocks. We are dynamic, emotional & social creatures. We need to integrate that dynamism, those emotions, and our networks of relationships to build more resilient lives.

1.  An explicit process of how you will make your decision

2. An awareness of whether the results of that decision were favorable

3. A reflective process to learn from the outcomes

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