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Have more confidence with big uncertain decisions, effectively lead under high risk & grow your decision-making toolkit.

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Confident with uncertainty

With our 2-hr consultation across 3 sessions

Are you feeling paralyzed by too much information to make an important decision?

Is fear of making the wrong decision preventing you from acting?

Is your world changing so fast that you no longer trust your intuition?

Tap into the insights of behavioral psychology to have more freedom and clarity.


We will unpack your most important decisions, using our best tools to find clarity amidst the confusion. Applying a systems thinking framework you will drive your career goals to the next level

This service is for the professional who has a significant career, educational, life investment to make and wants greater confidence in their decision.

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Lead through risk

Monthly sessions that build a workplace that thrives under stress

Does your team have rigid beliefs that limit growth?

Are you wasting precious trying to make perfect decisions?

Is the cost of making the wrong decision leading employees to freeze?​

  • Employ critical language & frameworks into meetings to foster better decision-making

  • Learn how to empower staff and foster trust to minimize destructive conflict

Utilize the frameworks and tools I've used to manage high risk decision making where there isn't enough time to make the perfect decision.

This product is for the entrepreneur, business owner or executive who seek a deeper toolkit to make better decisions with their teams. I only work with 3 clients at a time, please apply for availability.

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The Principled Decision Course

Build strong relationships & company culture to accelerate your career and organizations success.​ 

  • Even if ... you don't know your principles

  • Even if ... you are in the first few years of your career

  • Even if ... you feel powerless


The PD Course is the BEST program to help you have humble confidence among life's most complex and important decisions

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