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The Iterative effect

Iteration helps overcome inertia.

I love science. As a language it is a democratic formation of truth. The most democratic formation of truth as far as I have come to understand the different ways humans have translated their lived and observed experiences into some sense-making of our natural world.

I contrast this with more centralized forms of truth-making. Organized religion is the obvious example where there is a monopoly on truth. There is great utility in a monopoly. There is great utility in a centralized disseminator of truth. It's great at organizing a group of people towards action quickly. It's great at leveraging the emotional motivations of individuals. This was critical when survival was existential. When food and shelter were the predominant needs of a community.

The food & shelter needs of communities are very much still an active and critical need for billions of people but less so for the dominant culture keepers and culture formers of modern society - privileged individuals who have a responsibility to their communities. With that responsibility comes a responsibility for a democratization of truth - a sharing of the privilege of agency. Agency to the disadvantaged to have voice in the formation of our cultures.

Which brings me back to the iterative effect and inertia. Inertia both impedes movement and sustains it. As our communities hurtle through time, some cultural movements are moving full steam ahead but need to stop. Some cultural movements need to gain momentum.

The process of sciencing communities and sciencing knowledge provides the space for us collectively to decide what movements needs momentum and which movements need to fade into history.

Observe -> Experiment -> Communicate -> Learn -> Grow

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